Ask The Right Questions When Making Your Choice For A Tucson Realtor

If you are considering a short sale make sure you find a Tucson realtor with the experience to help you sell your home fast. Any Tucson real estate agent can handle your short sale file but if they don’t have experience they may simply be wasting your time. Shawn Polston has been helping homeowners in the area for years avoid foreclosure and take advantage of their current real estate options.

Most homeowners select their Tucson realtor thanks to a referral from a friend or co-worker without doing any research. A short sale is not your normal real estate transaction and for this reason it is important to know your Tucson real estate agent has the knowledge and experience to help. For this reason it may be best to learn some important facts about any potential Tucson realtors that you hire. One of the most important things to know about your Tucson realtor is their success rate on short sale files. If your short sale agent is not selling the homes they list at a high rate they could be wasting your time. An experienced and educated agent in the area should be able to close over ninety percent of the short sale files that they take on. It may also be a good idea to learn how many home sales your Tucson realtor handles every week. A short sale requires nearly daily contact with your lender and if your agent is too busy it could impact your sale. Especially for those homeowners who have missed multiple payments and have a foreclosure date that is nearing. Some Tucson realtors even utilize a team of agents for short sales in order to ensure that every file is handled in a timely manner.

Your short sale is a very big opportunity to avoid foreclosure and get out from under your mortgage debt which is why a qualified agent is necessary. Put in the time to find the best agent for your current needs that will help sell your home fast and for the highest and best offer.

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