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Tucson Short Sale Calculator Can Help You Crunch The Numbers

Have you been going back and forth between staying in your home and selling it on the Tucson short sale market? Do you want to find out what the best possible choice for your immediate and future financial situation is? If you have questions going through your mind on a regular basis as to whether or not completing a Tucson short sale is the answer for you, we would like to take this opportunity and...

Completing A Tucson Short Sale

If you have been researching the benefits of a Tucson short sale and how it can help your financial situation, you may also be wondering exactly what you need to do to get started on the path to completing one. One of the very first, and most important, steps in successfully completing a Tucson short sale is find a real estate agent that has a generous amount of experience in the Tucson short sale process....

Searching For Tucson Short Sale Information?

Are you searching the web for Tucson short sale information because you aren’t in the best situation with your mortgage and are trying to determine if a Tucson short sale is the solution for you? If this is the case, or if you need to sell but are upside down on your mortgage, you’ve come to the right place because we have an abundance of Tucson short sale information available to you right...

Seller Financed Homes Are Eligible For Short Sales

I wanted to talk to you today about something that is kind of interesting. As long as I’ve been working with short sales and have been helping well over 400 people successfully complete their short sales, I sometimes still get questions that throw me for a curveball. I had someone call me the other day that had spoken with another real estate agent regarding their particular situation. The other...

Tips for Buying a Tucson Short Sale

While a Tucson short sale can be a worthwhile investment, you do go into the process with many different factors that would exist in a normal contract. With this in mind it stands to reason that you would deal with a Tucson short sale differently. Read on for some important tips when it comes to working with short sale negotiations. First, check the facts yourself. Don’t trust someone else’s...

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