Does Your Tucson Real Estate Agent Have The Resources To Help You Analyze Your Situation?

Do you want to know whether or not your home is underwater or if you have equity in it as well as what your property value is? Are you looking for a tool that can help you determine if a short sale is the best option for you? You should know that there’s on Tucson real estate agent that has exactly what you’re looking for. If you visit http://TucsonShortSaleNegotiator.com you’ll find the Short or Stay Calculator. This amazing tool is free for all homeowners to use and can help determine exactly what type of financial situation they’re in, says Tucson real estate agent Shawn Polston.

The Short or Stay Calculator is a resource that many distressed homeowners are looking to in order to help them better analyze their situation and determine what the best course of action is. Tucson real estate agent Shawn Polston says that the calculator is free and easy to use; in fact, other Tucson real estate agents are wishing they had something as beneficial as this to provide to their customers.

To use the calculator all you need to do is enter in your property address, mortgage interest rate, remaining principal amount and monthly payment. The calculator will then crunch the numbers and send you a report detailing your situation. Tucson real estate agent Shawn Polston says the report will tell you how much time and money it will take until your home is an asset again based on three different market trends. You can then determine if a short sale is the right move for you. Also from this report you’ll be able to determine your property value and if you’re not underwater you’ll see how much equity you have in your home.

To be able to take advantage of a great resource like the Short or Stay Calculator visit http://TucsonShortSaleNegotiator.com or get in touch with one of the most successful and reputable Tucson real estate agents, Shawn Polston, today.

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