Is It Still Possible To Complete A Tucson Short Sale?

While the real estate market is slowly getting better throughout the country, there are still a number of homeowners throughout the nation and in our area that are underwater and wondering if they can complete a Tucson short sale on their home. Thankfully for these homeowners, the answer is, yes, you can still complete a Tucson short sale on your home. Whether you are underwater or need to complete a short sale for another reason, be rest assured that you can successfully complete a Tucson short sale on your property.

In fact, right now is a great time to do a short sale for a number of different reasons. With the improving real estate market the number of people completing short sales has dramatically decreased. This, along with streamlined processes at most banks and a more familiarized process, means that the time it takes to actually get your short sale completed is less than what it was six months to a year ago. It is possible to get your Tucson short sale completed in a matter of a few months now that many lenders and investors aren’t inundated with homeowners wanting or needing to complete a short sale.

Another great reason to complete a Tucson short sale on your home right now is because the distressed property inventory is quite low. Many investment buyers that are looking for a second home or a rental property are quick to snatch up any decent home that comes on the market at a bargain price. If you list your home on the Tucson short sale market it’s highly likely that it won’t stay for too long.

Whether or not you’ve heard that completing a Tucson short sale is no longer an option, you need to know that it is. Whether you’re underwater on your home or need to sell for a completely different reason, selling your home on the Tucson short sale market is still entirely possibly and, in fact, a great thing to do right now.

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