Three Reasons You Need a Tucson Realtor

With the real estate market on an upswing many sellers are trying to decide whether they truly need a Tucson Realtor to sell their home. The truth is that there are many advantages to hiring a Tucson Realtor to sell your home. Here are three of the most important reasons to have a Realtor on your side.
While listing your house as a “for sale by owner” may bring in a lot of foot traffic, many sellers find that most people that look at the home are not serious buyers. They are usually curious individuals that are considering selling their house in the future. Your Tucson Realtor can help to filter out the people that are looking at your house so that you are only getting your home show-ready for potential buyers. As a general rule, only serious buyers will choose to work with a Tucson Realtor to buy a home.
A Tucson Realtor is also important when setting the price of your home. You may have access to the asking price of surrounding homes, but you don’t have that same access to the actual selling price of the home. That is where the bank will get their information on the value of your home, and you need that information as well.
Finally, experience and education are key when it comes to selling a home. A Tucson Realtor will, on average, get 20 percent more income on a house than someone who chooses to sell their house alone. That will more than cover the commission of using a Tucson Realtor. In fact, if a potential buyer brings in a Realtor with them, you could have to pay some form of commission, even without an advocate on your side. It truly makes better sense to trust the home selling process to a Tucson Realtor.

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