Why You Should Hire a Tucson Realtor Rather Than Do a FSBO

“I need to sell my home, but want to save myself some money. Instead of working with a Tucson realtor, I’ll sell my home on my own; I bet it’s
easy!” Have you ever thought this to yourself or know someone who has? You’d be surprised to find out that selling your home on your own can
actually end up costing you more money in the long run. There may be several different reasons why a person tries to complete a FSBO (For Sale By
Owner) on their home rather than hiring a Tucson realtor, but a vast majority of the time it’s in their better interest to pick the latter.

When you work with a Tucson realtor to sell your home, your property is marketed a number of different ways. When you attempt to sell on your own, your only real options are a yard sign, newspaper and online sites that cost you money. While many people to look online for homes before purchasing, they can be deterred by someone that is selling on their own or often look to the MLS, which only real estate agents have access to. Not only are there more marketing and networking options when you work with a Tucson realtor, but your home is more accurately priced to sell. Often times when a homeowner lists their property on their own, the home is overpriced when compared to other houses for sale in the area. This is where the homeowner ends up losing money; their home sits on the market because it is overpriced and, if the homeowner does end up selling the property on their own, it is generally for much less than what they could have sold it for had they initially worked with a Tucson realtor.

The most important statistic that really shouldn’t be ignored is that only about 2% of FSBO attempts are successful. Are you experienced enough in the real estate market to ensure that you’re going to be part of that 2% or should you save yourself the time and money and contact a Tucson realtor to help you sell your home?

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